About Us

Quince Vintage was established in February 2017 as a CMT (Cut, Make and Trim) manufacturer of fashionable designer apparels located at No 20 Ekiugbo - Warri Road, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria. As a vibrant and dynamic organization, state-of-the art technologies are put in place in our business practice. Our highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce strives for nothing short of excellence in production, exclusiveness and quality services. We target on kids and adults of both sex.


Our team is a key success factor made up of skilled designers and associated workforce with innovative ideas and creative approach in designing fashionable apparels in well finished patterns. Collectively, our team possesses a wide array of skills and experiences, including entrepreneurial skills, private sector experience, sector-specific knowledge and a certain level of seniority.

Our Aim
Investing a substantial portion of financial resources in process development, we aim towards achieving:
• To support the development of a viable model for a competitive, sustainable clothing industry in Nigeria.
• To assist existing local tailors to expand on their vision and to assist the establishment of new enterprises through the provision of training in order to create and/or preserve jobs and drive social and economic growth.
• To maintain a step ahead of our competitors
• To promote Nigeria participation in apparel production through high end quality products 


Quince Vintage relies on heavy duty industrial machines. These machines, although are assets in terms of boosting production also poses some risks to employees. Therefore, we carryout Tool Box talks before the start of work to achieve incident and injury free operation. Though injuries can result from other sources, such as leaked liquids that can cause slips and falls and improper arrangement of cables that can lead to trips and falls, we have strived to reduce the potential for injury on the manufacturing floor. To this effect, we have put in place regulations to offer incentives for incident and injury free periodically. This safety concern does not extend just to workers alone but also to ensure our products do not hurt customers or the general public in any way.